The cemetery of the Cernavodă I culture at Orlovka-Kartal


Igor Bruyako
Blagoje Govedarica
Igor Manzura


The article presents materials of the late Eneolithic cemetery related to the Cernavodă I culture. The cemetery is part of a very extensive archaeological complex with the name Kartal located in the vicinity of the village of Orlovka (the Reni district, the Odessa county) on the Lower Danube. About 40 late Eneolithic graves were uncovered in the cemetery for several years of excavations. The graves are represented by inhumations in oval and rectangular pits. The deceased are buried in a crouched position on the left side or on the back. Grave goods are quite rare and usually include single vessels. Burial rite in the cemetery has clear parallels in mortuary traditions of the Cernavodă I culture in the Balkans and steppe Eneolithic graves in the North-West Pontic region.


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Bruyako, I., Govedarica, B., & Manzura, I. (2023). The cemetery of the Cernavodă I culture at Orlovka-Kartal. Godišnjak Centra Za balkanološka Ispitivanja, 51, 5–34.