Trebinjska vlastela Dragančići


Esad Kurtović


The Trebinje nobles Dragančići mark the history of the Trebinje region in the second half of the 14th and the first half of the 15th century. The author completes earlier contours of Mihailo Dinić’s approach with new indicators. Dragančići are located in the Trebinje settlements of Poljice and Kremeni Dol, in the southern parts of Travunija on the border with Konavle. Their seniors are Pavlovići, and from 1438, Kosače. They are in the rank of families Ljubibratić, Kobiljačić, Starčić, Krasomirić, Poznanović and Priljubović. With their vassals, they are engaged in cattle breeding, agriculture and trade, and in the 15th century they significantly participated in looting, contextualized by the general action of their seniors Pavlović and Kosač towards the people of Dubrovnik. Thanks to the preserved sources, more detailed observations are dedicated to the Pribatovićs (successors of Pribat Dragančić) and the Usinovićs (successors of Usin Brajanović Dragančić).


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Kurtović, E. (2022). Trebinjska vlastela Dragančići. Godišnjak Centra Za balkanološka Ispitivanja, (50), 135–148.