Bibliography of Godišnjak/Jahrbuch (41–50) – Celebrating the publication of the 50th volume


Sabina Vejzagić


The bibliography of Godišnjak/Jahrbuch, which we publish as part of the jubilee 50th issue, presents the contents of volumes from 41 to 50. We hereby continue the useful tradition started in 1983 on the occasion of the 20th anniversary5 of the Center for Balkan Studies of the Academy of Sciences and Arts of Bosnia and Herzegovina and continue the bibliography published in the jubilee 40th 6 issue of the Journal, which presents the contents of all volumes until then, as well as the bibliography which is presented in the Nonmatriculated publication Fifty Years of the Centre for Balkan Studies of the Academy of Sciences and Arts of Bosnia and Herzegovina 1963–2013 (History and publications bibliography).7 In addition to scientific articles and discussions, Godišnjak/Jahrbuch published critiques and reviews, as well as chronicles of the Center’s work and In memoriams of deceased members and associates of the Center. Each volume also contains the addresses of the authors whose contributions have been published, as well as instructions for the preparation of papers given in Bosnian, German and English. Issue 41, in addition to regular articles in the field of Balkanology, contains the beginning of a series of occasional discussions on the study of Early European Civilizations (Frühe europäische Zivilisationen). In addition to the text of the article, the obligatory part of the paper consists abstracts, keywords, illustrations, summaries or abstracts as well as a list of references used.
As in previous Godišnjak/Jahrbuch bibliographies, all relevant elements have been respected here, such as information about the authors, the title of the paper, the title of the abstract or abstract in Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian or a foreign language, as well as the range of pages.8 In issues 1-40, 231 authors participated with 542 articles, while in volumes 41-50 were the next 172 articles published.
In the ten volumes included in this part of the Bibliography of the Godišnjak/Jahrbuch, 117 authors participated who prepared 133 articles, 20 reviews, 15 in memorias, as well as 10 chronicles, the annual reports on the work of the Center. The editor of the Journal in this period was the corresponding member of ANUBiH, Prof Dr Blagoje Govedarica. The only exception was made at number 48 for 2019, which according to the decision of the Center and the Department of Humanities of ANUBiH was dedicated to Prof Dr Govedarica, on the occasion of his 70th birthday. This volume was edited as guest editors by academician Dževad Juzbašić, Prof Dr Igor Manzura and mr Melisa Forić Plasto.
At the end of this third continuation of the Bibliography, an index of all 117 authors who participated in issues 41-50 is given. Taken as a whole, 348 authors have so far participated in Godišnjak/Jahrbuch with 714 scientific articles, discussions and other contributions in the field of cultural history of the Balkans and the wider European area.


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