Results of the archaeological research at the site of Baričko brdo – Lug (preliminary report)


Majda Šutić
Adnan Kaljanac
Jesenko Hadžihasanović


During the year 2022, an archaeological survey was carried out in the locality Baričko brdo – Lug on several micro-locations with the goal of determining the quantity and nature of the archaeological potential on the given archaeological site. During the campaign, spanning two different phases, 25 ETPs, 7 test probes and 15 test trenches were opened, as well as 12 geophysical networks were recorded. These activities have shown that the archaeological site Baričko brdo – Lug was inhabited during prehistoric times, and from among the fond features one fireplace can be singled out due to its size, shape and other archaeological remains found on it. The remains of the fireplace were initially recorded in ETP 13 during the first phase of archaeological survey, and completely discovered during the second phase by expanding the excavation space around ETP 13 to the test probe 5. It should be noted that during the excavation of this unit its condition was photo-documented and later three-dimensional models of each stage of its excavation were created. Also, LiDAR recording of the site was carried out during the second phase of the archaeological survey. From the archaeological material, it is possible to single out remains that can be dated to a period that would correspond to the younger phases of the Vis–Pivnica culture, which would place the material in the late Bronze Age, while radiocarbon dating of the remains was also carried out, with the dates obtained corresponding for the period between 706 and 416 cal. BC (68.3%), and between 681 and 406 cal. BC (95.4%), which on the other hand suggests a date from the older periods of Iron Age. The results obtained based on the analysis of archaeological material and the results of radiocarbon dating additionally put in the spotlight the lack of investigation of the Iron Age period in northeastern Bosnia, as well as the lack of knowledge of the entire Iron Age in this area, and it is possible to state that earlier formed chronologies were built on analogies with areas that are culturally completely different systems and in themselves indicators of ignorance of the real archaeological situation not only in this but also in other parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


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Šutić, M., Kaljanac, A., & Hadžihasanović, J. (2023). Results of the archaeological research at the site of Baričko brdo – Lug (preliminary report). Godišnjak Centra Za balkanološka Ispitivanja, 52.