The mobility of the elite in the Roman Province of Dalmatia


Almir Marić


The paper analyzes the specific occurrence of local officials from the period of the Principate who performed administrative and priestly functions in several different cities in the province of Dalmatia. According to some authors, this type of movement is called geographic mobility. Five examples from the province were analyzed, of which one is from Doclea, three from Salona and one from municipium S. They are mostly dignitaries who were in office at the end of the first and during the second century. The officials we deal with performed mostly common functions such as decurion, duovir or priest of the imperial cult. However, on their inscriptions we also come across duties that are very rare in the epigraphic corpus not only of the province of Dalmatia but of the Roman Empire in general, such as dispunctor and curator rei publicae.


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Marić, A. (2023). The mobility of the elite in the Roman Province of Dalmatia. Godišnjak Centra Za balkanološka Ispitivanja, 52.