Traces of the early Slavs in the region of Mostar


Ante Milošević


The author of this article recently published in the Godišnjak a short discussion, which provided chronological and contextual reinterpretation of a stone fragment with human face from the collection of the Franciscan Monastery of St. Anthony of Padua on Humac in Ljubuški (Hercegovina). It was argued that the fragment represents part of an image (idol) originally depicting early medieval old Slavic gods, most likely Veles or Perun. The article also discussed earlier published information and archaeological material from the region of Ljubuški, that further suggests presence of mythology and old Slavic beliefs in Herzegovina. On this occassion, when we celebrate 50th volume of one of the most respected and influential journals in a field in the Bosnia and Herzegovina, the enquiry will focus on neighbouring area of Mostar, where is also possible to find evidence that can be connected with the period of the Slav settlement and its aftermath.


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Milošević, A. (2022). Traces of the early Slavs in the region of Mostar. Godišnjak Centra Za balkanološka Ispitivanja, (50), 93–106.