Results of Archaeological Prospection from 2017 on the Site of Vranjače


Adnan Kaljanac
Jesenko Hadžihasanović


During August of 2017 trial archaeological research were conducted at the site of Vranjače, situated east of the site of national monument Debelo Brdo, a prehistoric hillfort settlement, antique and late antique defense. The goal of archaeological research was to determine the density and spatial distribution of archaeological potential on the site of Vranjača. Thus, 25 test pits of various dimensions were excavated during the research. These works resulted in the discovery of prehistoric material, which can be, after a preliminary analysis, dated in relative chronological terms and put in relationship with Glasinac culture, and thus with the site of Debelo brdo, with which Vranjače forms a topographical whole. This opens up various new chronological and spatial questions concerning the relationship between these two sites. Also the position of these sites on borders between two municipalities, as well as on border between entities of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Republika Srpska, and the status of site of Debelo Brdo as a national monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina, brings to light the complex issues surrounding legal regulations when it comes to the protection and research of archaeological sites within Bosnia and Herzegovina.


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Kaljanac, A., & Hadžihasanović, J. (2023). Results of Archaeological Prospection from 2017 on the Site of Vranjače. Godišnjak Centra Za balkanološka Ispitivanja, 51, 51–64.